Hotel De Love

A broad, hit-and-miss Australian youth comedy, set in the title hotel in Niagara Smalls. Some of it looks like a TV commercial, and the characters’ motivations could have been generated by a computer, but the castRay Barrett, Julia Blake, Simon Bossell, Saffron Burrows, Pippa Grandison, and Aden Youngis attractive and energetic. Written and directed by Craig Rosenberg. (JR)

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Thunder Over Mexico

Due to a falling out with his producer, Upton Sinclair, Sergei Eisenstein never edited any of the footage for Que viva Mexico, one of his most ambitious projects. Montage was central to his art in the 20s and 30s, so this 1933 one-hour assembly by Sol Lesser of the first section of Eisenstein’s epic is only a taste of something that might have beenextraordinary for its graphic compositions if nothing else. (JR)

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