Hate (la Haine)

A black-and-white 1994 French film by writer-director Mathieu Kassovitz (Cafe au Lait) about racism in the Paris suburbs. It focuses on three alienated youthsone black (Hubert Kounde), one North African (Said Taghmaoui), and one a working-class Jew (Vincent Cassel)who go on an all-night spree after a race riot sparked by police brutality. Though some of this might seem a bit old to Americans, Kassovitz has some things of his own to sayand he says them with nuance, feeling, and authority. In French with subtitles. 96 min. (JR)

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Volere Volare

A disappointing 1990 collaboration between comic actor and writer-director Maurizio Nichetti (The Icicle Thief) and animator Guido Manuli combining animation and live-action. It’s a comedy in which Nichetti plays a sound-effects man working on cartoons who finds himself turning into a cartoon version of himself after the sound studio he works for starts working on porno movies. There’s a fair amount of ingenuity on display here, and there are some laughs, but the conceit never really takes off. With Angela Finocchiaro and Patrizio Roversi. (JR)

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