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Ballot Measure 9

Winner of the audience award at the Sundance film festival and two years in the making, this informative and chilling documentary by Heather MacDonald (1994) is about a telling sign of the New Barbarism–the 1992 Oregon ballot proposal to deny civil rights to homosexuals–and the accompanying political campaigns for and against it. More terrifying than anything shown in the film are the outcomes of similar propositions in Oregon and other states since 1992; when she showed this film in Berlin, MacDonald had plenty to say about those proposals, and she’ll be present at the Saturday screening to discuss them. Film Center, Art Institute, Columbus Drive at Jackson, Saturday, August 5, 8:00, and Tuesday and Thursday, August 8 and 10, 6:00, 443-3737.

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I Am Self Sufficient

Nanni Moretti’s 1976 first feature, shot in Super-8 (later blown up to 16- and 35-millimeter) when he was 22, using his friends as cast and crew, shows that his style and personal manner were fully in place from the very beginning. Moretti himself plays the hero, a father whose marriage is coming apart and who is preparing a new production for an experimental theater group in Rome that proves to be a disaster. 95 min. (JR)

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